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Should You Repave Your North Patchogue, NY Driveway? Top Signs It’s Time to Get In Touch with Paving Companies

Walkways, patios, parking lots, driveways; whatever type of surface you need to have paved, if you’re looking for an asphalt paving contractor in Suffolk County, you’ve come to the right place! Offering more than 20 years of experience, fair and affordable prices, long-lasting results, and a proven track record of success, Kings Construction, Inc. has established itself as one of the premier paving companies in the area. If you’re located in the North Patchogue, NY area and you’re looking for a paving contractor, put us first on your list of paving companies near me to call!

Signs You Need to Consider Installing a New Asphalt Driveway

Your driveway takes a serious beating. From the constant flow of vehicles and foot traffic to extreme weather conditions, a driveway experiences a lot of wear and tear. On average, a properly installed asphalt driveway lasts for around 20 years. No matter how old your driveway is – whether it was installed five years ago or 20 – you might need to have it replaced. How do you know when it’s time to get in touch with a Suffolk County paving contractor? If you notice any of the following issues, you should start looking for paving near me.

Deep Cracks and Crevices

Is your driveway littered with cracks? Are crevices chiseled deep into the surface? While shallow cracks can be filled in and sealed, it’s when they’re deep that you need to start looking around for reputable paving companies near me to discuss repaving.

Deep cracks can occur for a number of reasons. Rainwater can seep into smaller openings and expand and contract with temperature changes, causing cavernous crevices to develop. If left unchecked, the problem will only worsen and eventually, you could be looking at serious structural issues. The only way to address deep-reaching cracks and crevices is by having your driveway repaved.

Drainage Issues

Is your driveway filled with puddles of standing water every time it rains or whenever your sprinkler hits it? If so, you really need to consider having it repaved. When properly installed, a reputable paving contractor will make accommodations to ensure water runs off properly to prevent puddles from developing. However, even if your driveway was properly installed, over time, it can develop divots and become uneven, which can result in pooling water.

When water collects on the surface of your driveway, or when it drains into certain channels, the life expectancy will shorten and serious structural problems will start to occur. Professional and experienced paving companies will take measures to ensure proper drainage when you’re new driveway is installed.


Potholes are another telltale sign that indicates that you should have your driveway repaved. Unlike cracks and crevices, which develop as a result of age or water becoming trapped within the surface and expanding and contracting, potholes occur when the ground underneath the driveway starts to shift. As the ground shift, the asphalt crumbles, leaving potholes behind.

Potholes are a major structural problem and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also cause damage to your vehicles; popped tires and issues with the suspension, for example.

A Rough Surface

When healthy and in good condition, the surface of an asphalt driveway will be nice and smooth. With constant exposure to the elements and repeated wear and tear from usage, the surface will start to wear down and become rough.

Take a look at your driveway? Is it smooth or rough? If the latter is the word you chose to describe its appearance, you should definitely consider getting in touch with a reputable Suffolk County paving contractor to discuss having it repaved.

Changes in Color

Asphalt should be dark black in color. If your driveway looks more grayish than black, you should definitely think about having it repaved. While it may seem merely superficial, discoloration is actually a sign that an asphalt driveway has reached or exceeded its life expectancy. Constant exposure to harsh UV rays and the weather can bleach asphalt. When that happens, it weakens and soon, it will start to crack, crumble, and ultimately fail.

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If the driveway of your North Patchogue, NY home is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned signs, get in touch with Kings Construction, Inc. right away! As one of Suffolk County’s leading paving companies, you can count on our team of expert professionals to deliver fast, affordable, high-quality results that will last for years to come. To learn more about our asphalt paving services or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, give us a call at 631-615-9309. We look forward to hearing from you and restoring the function and aesthetic appeal of your driveway.

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